Where do hair color trends come?

By October 21, 2013 September 30th, 2015 Blog

Where do trends come from anyway?

As a hairstylist, I often get asked, “What are the new trends?” I hear it more often when there is that seasonal change, like from Summer to Fall and Winter to Spring.  We all want to update our wardrobes so why not update our hair color?  So where do the trends come from anyway?  Who creates them?  Is there some kind of hairstylist in charge that decrees what the seasonal trend is and we just follow along?  Of course not!  Sometimes trends start with the major fashion shows in New York, Paris and Milan.  Editorial stylists create hairstyles to compliment the designer’s clothes and then maybe a version of that makes it’s way to Mainstreet, USA.  Other times, it’s celebrities that drive trends.  Whether its a reality TV or talk show host, these celebrities reach miilions of homes and influence us all.  But trends can also start right here, in Clarksville, with your own stylist.  Just recently, my staff and I attended a hair color conference in Nashville at the Opryland Hotel.  Hair colorists from all over North America came to see trends demonstrated by some of the most reputable and creative names in the industry:  Kim Vo, Beth Minardi, Angelo Seminara, Michael Ian Black.  These names may not ring a bell to you but to the studied hair stylist, they are huge!  Talented, creative and most importantly, educators.  This conference was not just a stage for us to see wild and freaky designs we would never be asked to recreate in the salon.  Instead, it’s focus was to inspire us so that we could inspire our clients.  Wearable, progressive, gorgeous color that the actual clients in our chair would want to wear.  These first few weeks of Fall so far have seen many of our clients make a change in their haircolor.  Tori, Haley, Veronika, Rachel and myself have all created a custom Autumn shades for our clients this season.

Whatever the trends are, we are committed to creating a custom look, just for you!

Carmella is owner and lead stylist/colorist

Carmella is owner of Luster Salon and lead stylist/colorist