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Permanent vs. semi-permanent haircolor – Luster Salon | Clarksville, TN

Permanent vs. semi-permanent haircolor

By January 26, 2016 Blog

AmberWe hear this request a lot in the salon: “I want you to use permanent color so it lasts longer.”  It’s completely understandable, you are investing in a brand new shade and you want to make sure it lasts as long as possible.  We do too!  But there are reasons why permanent may not be the best choice, here’s why:

Permanent hair color contains ammonia or an ammonia substitute and is much harsher on your hair.  There is no reason to inflict extra damage on your hair using permanent hair color.  We already do that with daily washing, heat styling and exposure to the elements.  There are reasons to use permanent though…..

Permanent hair color is a must if you need to cover gray or want to be lighter than your natural color.  Those pesky grays……it doesn’t matter if you want to erase the 3 that you have or you are 100% gray, you will need the strength of permanent to beat those stubborn grays into submission.  Or maybe you are dreaming of the light golden blond of your youth?  Yep, permanent will be the way to go.  You need that power to help remove your natural pigment and to help drive a beautiful toning shade into the hair.

BEWARE….using permanent hair color over and over can keep you from having a different color on down the road.  It can happen at the hands of an inexperienced stylist or at home, coloring your entire head over and over with permanent hair color only leads to a corrective color.  Sometimes we have to lighten out the unwanted pigment in order to make room for the desired color.  With the help of Olaplex, we can safely lighten hair and even get a gorgeous balayage to shine through.

Bottom line:  ALL hair color fades.  There are many factors that will affect how long your hair color lasts.  The condition of your hair is where longevity starts but we always recommend using cool water to wash and rinse your hair, using high quality sulfate free hair products like ColorProof and turning the dial down on the flat iron.

Luster Salon colorists make choices that will leave your hair in the best possible condition.  We always recommend a consultation in person so that we can see the condition and color of your hair and make the necessary recommendations.  Ready to experience our professional hair color expertise?  Give us a call:  931-542-1312






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