Hair Extensions

You’ve decided you want extensions.  Great!  You’ve come to the right place.  Find out the types of extensions we offer, which type is best for you and what your next step should be.


Halos are an accessory you wear when you want.  It is not permanently attached and it is put on and taken off on a daily basis.  The Halo sits underneath with your hair over top to conceal.

Falls are worn on top of the head and are secured with non-damaging mini-clips.  They can conceal short layers, a growing out color or, when paired with a Halo, can transform shorter lengths and bobs to longer looks.

Brands used:  HaloCouture, hairtalk, HotHeads


Halos are recommended if:


  • your hair is already shoulder length or longer
  • you do not want extensions attached to your own hair
  • you want little to no maintenance
  • you need extensions for an event; wedding, prom, vacation, etc.

Maintenance:  None.  Halos can be shampooed/conditioned as needed.

Lengths:  12″-24″

Price Range:  Halo $315-$595+ / Fall $100-$675+


Tape-ins are a popular and efficient method to add extensions.  While there are many brands out there, they utilize the same method:  2 wefts are preloaded with medical grade adhesive and are “sandwiched” around a slice of your hair.

Brands used:  HaloCouture, hairtalk, HotHeads, DreamCatchers, Trumatch


Tape-in extensions are best if:


  • you do not want to use an accessory that you put in and take off each day
  • you just want to add a bit of volume to fine or thin hair
  • you want to add fashion colors without damage to your own hair

Maintenance:  required every 4-5 weeks.  As your hair grows, the extensions drop down away from your scalp.  The wefts are removed, your hair is cleansed, new tape is applied and the application process starts fresh.

Lengths:  13″-25″

Price Range:  Depends on quantity and length needed.  Just volume applications can start at $250.  Full head for length can range from $600-$1,000+


Micro-cylinder is also called i-tip.  A thin strand of extension hair has a polyurethane tip that is inserted into a teeny cylinder.  A small strand of your hair is threaded through the cylinder, along with extension hair, then clamped tightly to seal together.  There are no glues, heat or chemicals.  When it is time for your adjustment, the cylinder is opened up with a special tool, moved up and reclamped in place.

Brands used:  DreamCatchers


Micro-cylinder extensions are best if:

  • you are a candidate for long (20″) extensions
  • you have an active lifestyle and need maximum movement in your hair
  • you have long hair but only need added volume

Maintenance: required every 4-6 weeks.  Cylinders need to be moved up and every other adjustment will need to be replaced.  Polyurethane on the tips can last up to 2 years and hair can be retipped when needed.

Lengths:  20″

Price range:  $525-$1000+

The Consultation

The next step is to come to the salon for an in-person consultation.  Speak one-on-one with a stylist and get recommendations for what option is best for YOU.  We have samples of Halos to try on as well as examples of tape-ins and micro-cylinder methods.

  • In-person consultations are $25 and include up to 30 minutes of one-on-one with a stylist.
  • Receive a $25 credit if you purchase your extensions within 7 days of your consult date.

Reserve your consult HERE  Select “Create a New Appointment” then select “extensions.”

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