COVID-19 GUIDELINES:  Masks/face coverings are to be worn in the salon at all times.  We will update our guidelines with information from local, state and national authorities.

More info can be found here.

Online Booking FAQ’s

Q: I want to book a particular service that I don’t see listed, what do I do?
A: Most of our services are listed but if you don’t see what you are looking for, just give us a call at 931-542-1312

Q: I booked my reservation online but now I need to cancel or move it.
A: Once you have made a reservation and submitted your credit card information, your reservation cannot be moved or changed online. You can call us at 931-542-1312 or email to let us know if you need to cancel or move your reservation. Please take a moment to review our cancellation policy. Deposits and prepayments are non-refundable and are considered store credit.  If we do not receive at least a 24 hour notice to cancel or move your reservation, your deposit is forfeited.

Q: I have a Gift Card, can I use it to book and pay for an reservation online?
A: At this time, Gift Cards are not accepted as a form of payment for online booking.

Q: I want to book a reservation but the times that are shown as available are not what I need.
A: Online booking shows all of Luster Salon’s staff’s schedule AT THAT VERY MOMENT. Make sure you use the drop down menu to select another part of the day (Morning, Afternoon or Evening) to show additional options. Try selecting another staff member as their schedule may have different availability. You may also call the salon at 931-542-1312 to be put on a wait list for your specific day and time.

Q: I booked my reservation over the phone but now I don’t remember when it’s for.  Can I view it online?
A: YES! The online booking feature can also let you see what reservations you currently have on our schedule. You will still need to go through all the necessary steps to register but make sure you provide the same email address that we have in our system. This would be the email address you receive your reservation reminders to.  Once you are logged in, there will be an option to “see my future appointments.”