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3 things you need to know about Fall hair color trends – Luster Salon | Clarksville, TN

3 things you need to know about Fall hair color trends

By October 7, 2014 September 30th, 2015 Blog

So each season, magazine editors bark their predictions for fashion, hairstyles and hair color.  But regardless of trends, there are things you can do to change up the color you DO have.  At Luster Salon, we encourage our clients to make changes they are comfortable with, not changes that are mandated by New York’s Fashion week.  Our clients know what looks best on them and we are here to enhance that.

So what can someone do to update their color for Fall?  I’m so glad you asked!  Here are our top 3 Fall color changes, plus one style change EVERYONE is loving;


1.  Blondes.  If someone is blonde, they do not want to be anything other than blonde.  That’s great, we love blonde, it looks fantastic!  So no need to go brown for the Fall.  But you can change your tone.  If your blonde is cool and pale, add warmth.  The best way to do that is with an all over glaze of apricot, butterscotch or honey.  Is your blonde already warm toned?  Then introduce cooler tones.  The way we recommend that is to add panels of darker blonde, like sand, wheat and almond.  Sometimes called “lowlights,” darker blonde tones can add amazing dimension and take away that summertime brassiness.

2. Reds.  Red is such a ubiquitous color for Fall and it seems to be on everyone’s yearly “Fall hair trend” list.  Red is a STOP, LOOK AT ME color that alot of people are not comfortable wearing.  We want our clients to feel like their hair color makes them confident and radiant.  So red is a color where we proceed with caution.  Have a vibrant, “look at me” personality?  Let us give you the red that will stop people in their tracks.  Want to dip your toe in the red pool, a semi permanent gloss will give you a taste without the commitment or hours spent in the salon.

3. Brunette.   Brunettes benefit from going darker in the Fall.  Even if someone does not color their hair (or doesn’t stray from coloring it different from their natural) the sun can lighten and turn hair “brassy.”  So brunettes benefit from the gentleness of an all over demi-permanent gloss.  Think espresso (neutral undertone), cinnamon (warm undertone) or merlot (red undertone).  Demi-permanent is the way to go when going darker (unless you have gray hair) because it leaves your hair in the best condition possible and adds incredible shine.

Lob-hairstyleReady to make a change with your style?  Well, hop on board the Lob train cause it’s going strong!  The Lob (long-bob) has long been the go to style for long haired regular people and celebs alike.  It’s popular because it’s a dramatic change, it allows a purge of damaged ends to be removed and still allows for style fexeibility (ponytails and updos.)

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Fall!