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April 2016 – Luster Salon | Clarksville, TN
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April 2016

A word about getting your hair lighter (or “blonder”).

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It’s that time of the year again.  Lately, we have alot of guests wanting their hair lighter.  Popular inspiration photos shown during consultations are ones with very light and pale blonde tones. Inspiration

But because a huge majority of people have existing artificial color on their hair, achieving these very light tones are difficult, especially in one sitting.
Let me give some basic examples of what can be achieved in one appointment.  Hair color is measured on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being black and 10 being the palest blonde.  IF your hair has ever been colored in the past (with long hair, anything done to your hair within the past 3-5 years can effect things) you can expect to safely get your hair approximately 3 shades lighter.  We also highly recommend adding an Olaplex enhancement to your color service to help protect fragile strands.swatch ring

If neutral results are desired, a gloss or “toner” would need to be applied in order to refine the lightness that was just created.  This means a level of sheer color is applied and actually will erase just a smidge of that lightness.  I know, this sounds like complete gobbledegook.  Check out the photo showing the hair color swatches.  Find your color and move 3 shades up.  That is a realistic expectation for one lightening sitting.
Of course, if your hair has never been colored or if any previous color has actually been cut off, you have what is known as “virgin” hair.  No need to blush, virgin hair allows your colorist more leeway to achieve what you want.  Most of the time, you can expect to safely get your hair up to 4-5 shades lighter.
There are all sorts of exceptions to these guidelines.  How many layers of artificial color have been applied?  The texture and condition of your hair also play a part.  If your hair has been colored red or copper, these shades pose additional challenges.  Because there are so many exceptions and scenarios, we always recommend booking a complimentary consultation so we can see you in person.  Some questions you need to be prepared to answer are:
What is the color history of your hair for the past 5 years?
What amount/quantity of lightness are you wanting to see?  (Do you want to be a solid blond?)
Are you prepared to make multiple visits to lighten your hair to the desired shade?
Have at least 3 inspiration photos to share with your stylist to help convey what you have in mind.
As a Redken Certified Hair Colorist, you can trust that myself and my staff will give you all your options, explain what can safely be achieved and be clear on pricing.

Luster Salon Owner and Redken Certified Hair Colorist

Luster Salon Owner and Redken Certified Hair Colorist

Have questions?  Give us a call at 931-542-1312 or email to info@lustersalon.com.