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February 2015

Haircolor trend to try NOW!

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Ombré, Balayage, Ecaille……how am I supposed to pronounce all these things?

A new haircolor trend is making it’s way and it’s gorgeous. It’s called “Ecaille” and yes, it’s another word to figure out how to pronounce. This French word means “torishell” and as you can guess, the colors are like those in tortishell glasses or a torishell kitty. Think variying shades of brown: deep chocolate at the interior with caramel ribbons throughout plus face framing splashes of butterscotch. Yummy, without all the calories!

Like haircolor cousins Ombré and Balayage, Ecaille is a specialty hair color process. If you are already a deeper shade of brown, your colorist would need to lighten the necessary strands and then glaze to add mid-level of depth where needed then add a complimentary lighter golden tone on the ends. Since this trend is full of warm, sunny shades, it’s not for someone who desires very cool, ashy tones.

Want to try Ecaille at your next visit?  Be sure your hair colorist has the appropriate amount of time or CLICK HERE to book a consultation.

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