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September 2014 – Luster Salon | Clarksville, TN
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September 2014

18.21 Man Made has arrived!

By Blog, Featured Product

We can’t wait for you to try out our new men’s line.  It’s called 18.21 Man Made and it’s already creating quite the buzz.  One wash has you covered for hair and body and 3 styling options.  We’ll help you choose the one that perfect for you.  And everything has their signature Tobacco Vanilla aroma.  What’s not to love?

18.21 wash 18.21 pomade 18.21 paste 18.21 clay

Next Big thing is here……

By Blog, Featured Product

A lot of new products are introduced each year in the hair stylist world. Products evolve, new ingredients are discovered and chemistry advances. But rarely are there discoveries this big.

Olaplex transformation.  One step to lighten then another step to gloss and tone.  This change would take 2-3 salon visits in the past.

Olaplex transformation by Carmella. One step to lighten then another step to gloss and tone. This change would take 2-3 salon visits in the past.

Olaplex is this BIG advance. Basically what it does is it allows stylists to lighten someone’s hair without breakage. This is important because so many of us have had multiple color changes on our hair. Or we wish to go from red or dark brown to blonde. So when someone wishes to go lighter with their haircolor AND they have previously colored their hair, lightener (sometimes called “bleach”) must be used. This causes unavoidable damage. With Olaplex, there is no damage. It is added during the lightening process. Another treatment is used during the shampoo and for maximum optimization, a take home product is used to help strengthen and rebuild the broken bonds.
As everyone knows, all of here at Luster Salon make decisions for client’s haircolor based on what will maintain the integrity of their hair. As an Olaplex Salon, we now can achieve the haircolor a client desires without the damage.
Want to see for yourself? Make sure you are following Luster Salon on Facebook and Instagram where we routinely post before and after photos of all sorts of transformations. Check out www.olaplex.com or search #olaplex on Facebook and Instagram to see are the remarkable before and after photos. Our favorite to follow is celeb stylist Tracey Cunningham(@traceycunningham1). She tested Olaplex on her celebrity clients like Kim Kardashian, Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Garner to name just a few.
As with any haircolor correction, we recommend you make an appointment for an in depth consultation. We can get the history of your hair, discuss your desires and see if Olaplex is needed in order for you achieve your look.
Don’t settle, get the haircolor you want.