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January 2014

New Year New You with the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center of Hopkinsville

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Advanced Cosmetic FlyerWe are excited to be a part of this Open House.  Join us on Thursday February 6th as we demonstrate what Halo Couture and Dream Catchers Extensions can do for you.  We will have various lengths of Halos for you to try on as well as a full head model of Dream Catchers.  Get color matched and place your deposit and enjoy 20% off!

Did you know that up to 80% of women wear the wrong bra size?!  A representative from Belk will be doing professional bra fittings.  You may be surprised you have been wearing the wrong size bra.  And with Valentine’s Day coming up, what a better time to go shopping for new bras!

For those who use Obagi, don’t miss 20% off all Oabgi products.

We look forward to seeing you there!

What’s in a color name?

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As a colorist, I find the kitchen and recipe books extra inspiring.  There is so much baking and cooking going on and all those ingredients are also used to describe colors.  Many times when consulting with a guest, words like “caramel” and “toffee” are tossed around so often we can’t help but have our mouths water!

There are so many descriptions for hair colors and we all want yummy hair so why not make it look like something that would taste wonderful.  It also makes sense that no one has ever asked to have a color that looks like “oatmeal” or  “prune.”  But names for colors can be very subjective.  I may call something “buttery” but to another person, that color may be more “lemony.”  Someone may describe “cocoa” for their next new hair color but after looking at hair color photos, they actually are wanting a darker “espresso” brown.  So while delicious sounding color names can conjure up something gorgeous, make sure you and your stylist have the same idea in mind when you talk about “honey” highlights.


(Rest your cursor over the thumbnail pictures above and see if you have ever used these words when describing haircolor.)