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June 2013 – Luster Salon | Clarksville, TN
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June 2013

How to make friends with your hair this summer

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Summertime seems to be the season where I hear the most complaints about my client’s hair texture.  They will spend quite some time flat ironing or heat styling their hair, only to go outside and have it puff up and frizz.  Straight, wavy or curly, all hair is going to react to humidity.  Now I’m definitely not a scientist but what people are experiencing is happening on a molecular level.  Humidity drives moisture into the hair and makes it swell.  So instead of fighting the heat and humidity, I encourage my clients to make friends with it.  Most people have some sort of wave or texture in their hair.  With the right technique and products, that little bit of wave can become an effortless summer style.


At Luster Salon, we carry the complete line of Moroccanoil products.  These are most recommended for summertime hair:

glimmershineGlimmer Shine has a natural UV protectant and also deflects copper deposits in chlorine.  2-3 pumps is all it takes for a gorgeous, protective shine.





curldefiningcreamCurl Defining Cream helps keep curls and waves soft and frizz free.  When applied to damp hair, you can either let your hair air dry or use a diffuser to enhance curls or waves.





frizzcontrolFrizz Control has weather resistant properties to safeguard hair and keep it manageable.  It eliminates frizz and controls static, which makes it perfect for year-round use.







Carmella is the owner of Luster Salon

New Base Brightening service at Luster Salon

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Lighter and brighter hair colors are in full swing this summer.  Whether it’s happening at the beach naturally or your stylist is amping up your normal highlights, brighter hair color has a way of putting you in a sunny mood.  Here at Luster Salon, we have introduced a new service called Base Brightening.  This quick appointment brightens your hair at the roots, or “new growth”.  It’s perfect for someone who normally has highlights but feels like their natural, or “root color” looks too dark as the highlights start to grow out.  “A Base Brightening service is a great way to stretch highlight appointments” recommends Carmella, owner of Luster Salon.   “If you normally get your highlights touched up every 6 weeks, you can stretch that to 8 weeks and book a Base Brightening in between.  That way, the new growth is softened and the contrast between the existing highlights and new growth is lessened.”  Ask your stylist if a Base Brightening appointment is right for you.   It only takes about 30 minutes and it includes a Blowout.




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What’s the ballyhoo about balayage?

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You may be hearing alot lately about balayage.  It’s the on trend and modern technique that celebrities, supermodels and fashionistas alike have been sporting.  A close cousin to the still popular ombré, the balayage method gives a soft, sunkissed effect.


Carmella, owner and lead stylist at Luster Salon, shares what a client can expect when choosing balayage.

While ombré is often a dramatic effect, with a deeper base color, fading into a much lighter color at the ends, balayage is more natural and organic.  Like you spent the summer on the beach.  Alot of times, my clients will ask for an ombré when in fact, they are really seeking the results of balayage.  I love that balayage allows a client more freedom to schedule their color appointments further apart.  Unlike traditional foil highlights, which are mostly applied in a linear and grid pattern and are packed in for maximum effect, balayage focuses on quality instead of quantity and regrowth is graceful and soft.

So what is it actually?  I use a technique that is sometimes called “American Balayage”, as coined by the inspirational Beth Minardi.  Balayage, in it’s most condensed form, involves “sweeping” color or lightener on strands of hair.  I use foils to isolate my chosen sections and paint the desired shade, sometimes focusing on just the ends or maybe letting sweeps of color travel closer to the interior.  While it may look random, I’m actually meticulously choosing where to place the color and how to achieve the impact my client desires.  And regardless of length or color, a form of balayage can be used on anyone!

I’m sure you will recognize these famous faces.  They are fantastic examples of what balayage is.