Haircolor trend to try NOW!

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Ombré, Balayage, Ecaille……how am I supposed to pronounce all these things?

A new haircolor trend is making it’s way and it’s gorgeous. It’s called “Ecaille” and yes, it’s another word to figure out how to pronounce. This French word means “torishell” and as you can guess, the colors are like those in tortishell glasses or a torishell kitty. Think variying shades of brown: deep chocolate at the interior with caramel ribbons throughout plus face framing splashes of butterscotch. Yummy, without all the calories!

Like haircolor cousins Ombré and Balayage, Ecaille is a specialty hair color process. If you are already a deeper shade of brown, your colorist would need to lighten the necessary strands and then glaze to add mid-level of depth where needed then add a complimentary lighter golden tone on the ends. Since this trend is full of warm, sunny shades, it’s not for someone who desires very cool, ashy tones.

Want to try Ecaille at your next visit?  Be sure your hair colorist has the appropriate amount of time or CLICK HERE to book a consultation.

Jessica_Alba_ecailleEcaille sampleecaille modelMiranda-kerr-getty


Shop Local: only 6 more shopping days left

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For the fashionista, that friend who needs a makeover or for that man in your life, we’ve got something for everyone on your list.  Keep your last minute shopping simple by buying local.



Plus, 30% off remaining Moroccanoil Body!

TOP 5 Gift Ideas at Luster Salon

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OK, you’ve done cyber Monday and dealt with the traffic in Nashville so now is the time to SHOP LOCAL!  We have some special items to impress the most picky people on your list AND leave some extra $$ in your wallet.  Here’s our top 5 for this week:

GloMinerals Keepsake Collection Lip Tin features 4 full sized lip glosses in versatile sheer shades.  A $68 value, only $32.50

keepsake-collection-lip-gloss-tinMoroccanoil BODY line is 30% off!  Featuring luxurious items like Body Butter and Shimmering Body Oil, this is gift to impress.

MO_body_emailPacifica Candles $12.  These sumptuous soy candles are a generous 10 oz. size and are normally $22.  Perfect hostess or teacher gift!

10 oz. soy candles  $12

Huge Savings:  Jack Black or Zents “grab bags” valued up to $126, only $30-$50.


And……don’t forget a Gift Card in any denomination is sure to please!  As an added Bonus, $100 Gift Card purchasers receive 1,000 Bonus Loyalty Points!  That’s like having an extra $10 off at your next visit.  Easily purchase your gift card online by clicking the image below:


Gifts sets up to 68% off + Gift Card Bonus!

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There are limited quantities of these special gift sets and when they are gone, they are GONE!


“Grab Bag” sets valued from $77-$111: only $30-$50

Jack Black for men “grab bags” valued from $77-$111 for only $30-$50.


“Grab Bag” sets valued $79-$126: for only $30 and $40

Zents Body/Aroma product “grab bags” valued from $79 -$126 for only $30-$40.

10 oz. soy candles  $12

10 oz. soy candles $12, varied fragrances

Pacifica soy candles valued at $22 for only $12

!,000 Bonus Loyalty points with every $100 Gift card

1,000 Bonus Loyalty points with every $100 Gift card

Starting Black Friday, earn 1,000 Bonus Loyalty points for every $100 gift card purchased!  That translates into $10 to use at your next visit ($50 gift cards earn 500 points) 

Fall Open House at the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center of KY

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THIS THURSDAY from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Tori and Carmella will be joining Dr. Kaye and his staff for a Fall Open House.

Click the graphic above to see Dr. Kaye’s Facebook Page and check out all participating vendors and specials from Botox, Latisse, permanent makeup by Lynn Parrott, Silpada, and more!
Luster Salon guests will receive 1,000 Loyalty Points when they attend this event! That’s $10 to use at your next visit!

Plus, we will be offering complimentary consultations for extensions and 10% off HaloCouture, HotHeads and Dreamcatchers Extensions*.


(*10% off requires color matching and nonrefundable deposit)

Thinking about getting hair extensions? We’ve got the answers to all your questions.

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Hair Extensions……they are everywhere these days.   There are so many options to add length, volume and color effects, not just one method is appropriate for every person.  That’s why the professionals at Luster Salon have 3 different high quality brands for you to explore when you come in to consult about adding extensions to your current look.  Let me quickly outline each option and when you are ready, call us at 931-542-1312 to book your consultation.  (Because each person’s needs can vary greatly, we only give pricing during an in-salon consultation.)

halo_stepsHaloCouture Extensions:  are easy to use accessories, ready when you are, no commitment.  Comes in 4 different lengths and 20+ different colors.  Also has a Fall to added volume on top.  100% Remy human hair.  No maintenance.  We have samples that you can try for yourself during your consultation.



resultshotheadstHotHeads Hair Extensions:  adhesive weft extensions lie flat and close to the head rendering them completely undetectable and comfortable.  42+ colors to plus ombre, brights and pastels for added effects.  Can be used for additional volume or added length.  Non-damaging, quick application can last up to 10 weeks and extensions can be reapplied up to 3 times.  100% Remy human hair.  Our stylist Tori is currently wearing HotHeads.




dream_catchersDreamcatchers Hair Extensions:  like Hotheads, these are non damaging.  A micro-cylinder is used to connect your hair to the individual extension strand.  This allows for a very detailed application.  30+ colors allow for the most dimensional color matching.  100% Remy Human hair can last up to 2 years but requires adjustments of the cylinders every 4-6 weeks.  We have a mannequin model that has a full head application of Dreamcatchers that you can see and feel in person.









3 things you need to know about Fall hair color trends

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So each season, magazine editors bark their predictions for fashion, hairstyles and hair color.  But regardless of trends, there are things you can do to change up the color you DO have.  At Luster Salon, we encourage our clients to make changes they are comfortable with, not changes that are mandated by New York’s Fashion week.  Our clients know what looks best on them and we are here to enhance that.

So what can someone do to update their color for Fall?  I’m so glad you asked!  Here are our top 3 Fall color changes, plus one style change EVERYONE is loving;


1.  Blondes.  If someone is blonde, they do not want to be anything other than blonde.  That’s great, we love blonde, it looks fantastic!  So no need to go brown for the Fall.  But you can change your tone.  If your blonde is cool and pale, add warmth.  The best way to do that is with an all over glaze of apricot, butterscotch or honey.  Is your blonde already warm toned?  Then introduce cooler tones.  The way we recommend that is to add panels of darker blonde, like sand, wheat and almond.  Sometimes called “lowlights,” darker blonde tones can add amazing dimension and take away that summertime brassiness.

2. Reds.  Red is such a ubiquitous color for Fall and it seems to be on everyone’s yearly “Fall hair trend” list.  Red is a STOP, LOOK AT ME color that alot of people are not comfortable wearing.  We want our clients to feel like their hair color makes them confident and radiant.  So red is a color where we proceed with caution.  Have a vibrant, “look at me” personality?  Let us give you the red that will stop people in their tracks.  Want to dip your toe in the red pool, a semi permanent gloss will give you a taste without the commitment or hours spent in the salon.

3. Brunette.   Brunettes benefit from going darker in the Fall.  Even if someone does not color their hair (or doesn’t stray from coloring it different from their natural) the sun can lighten and turn hair “brassy.”  So brunettes benefit from the gentleness of an all over demi-permanent gloss.  Think espresso (neutral undertone), cinnamon (warm undertone) or merlot (red undertone).  Demi-permanent is the way to go when going darker (unless you have gray hair) because it leaves your hair in the best condition possible and adds incredible shine.

Lob-hairstyleReady to make a change with your style?  Well, hop on board the Lob train cause it’s going strong!  The Lob (long-bob) has long been the go to style for long haired regular people and celebs alike.  It’s popular because it’s a dramatic change, it allows a purge of damaged ends to be removed and still allows for style fexeibility (ponytails and updos.)

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Fall!

18.21 Man Made has arrived!

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We can’t wait for you to try out our new men’s line.  It’s called 18.21 Man Made and it’s already creating quite the buzz.  One wash has you covered for hair and body and 3 styling options.  We’ll help you choose the one that perfect for you.  And everything has their signature Tobacco Vanilla aroma.  What’s not to love?

18.21 wash 18.21 pomade 18.21 paste 18.21 clay

Next Big thing is here……

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A lot of new products are introduced each year in the hair stylist world. Products evolve, new ingredients are discovered and chemistry advances. But rarely are there discoveries this big.

Olaplex transformation.  One step to lighten then another step to gloss and tone.  This change would take 2-3 salon visits in the past.

Olaplex transformation by Carmella. One step to lighten then another step to gloss and tone. This change would take 2-3 salon visits in the past.

Olaplex is this BIG advance. Basically what it does is it allows stylists to lighten someone’s hair without breakage. This is important because so many of us have had multiple color changes on our hair. Or we wish to go from red or dark brown to blonde. So when someone wishes to go lighter with their haircolor AND they have previously colored their hair, lightener (sometimes called “bleach”) must be used. This causes unavoidable damage. With Olaplex, there is no damage. It is added during the lightening process. Another treatment is used during the shampoo and for maximum optimization, a take home product is used to help strengthen and rebuild the broken bonds.
As everyone knows, all of here at Luster Salon make decisions for client’s haircolor based on what will maintain the integrity of their hair. As an Olaplex Salon, we now can achieve the haircolor a client desires without the damage.
Want to see for yourself? Make sure you are following Luster Salon on Facebook and Instagram where we routinely post before and after photos of all sorts of transformations. Check out or search #olaplex on Facebook and Instagram to see are the remarkable before and after photos. Our favorite to follow is celeb stylist Tracey Cunningham(@traceycunningham1). She tested Olaplex on her celebrity clients like Kim Kardashian, Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Garner to name just a few.
As with any haircolor correction, we recommend you make an appointment for an in depth consultation. We can get the history of your hair, discuss your desires and see if Olaplex is needed in order for you achieve your look.
Don’t settle, get the haircolor you want.

Back to School: the essentials

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Where has the summer gone?  Well, it’s still here, just school is starting earlier and earlier each year.  Now starts the scrambling for supplies, clothes, new laptop, etc.  AND, getting that new haircut or freshening up your color that’s faded from the summer sun.

Me and the rest of my staff have come up with some Back to School Must-Haves.  Let me know if I have forgotten anything :

Book online.  It’s quick, easy and you see exactly what each stylist has available:  onlinebooking_image


Pick out your own Pink Pewter headband (chances are, no one will have one like it):

Current selection

Current selection

Add some spark with some individual Dream Catchers extensions.  We keep brights like blue, pink, purple and red in stock.  It only takes 2-3 to make a fun impact.







One last tip:  Dry Shampoo.  It’s a must have to freshen up hair after PE or practice.  GloMinerals and ColorProof both have them, we can show you which on would be best for your hair type.

And finally, don’t forget Tenneessee’s tax free weekend.  It starts at Midnight this Friday and goes through Sunday.


Enjoy the rest of your summer!