Q: I have an appointment coming up soon. What should I do?

A: Per Gov. Lee’s mandate, we are considered nonessential and are closed. We will contact each week’s guests on the Monday before their appointment, to let them know their appointment has been cancelled. Since this is a rapidly evolving situation, we have no way to know when we will be allowed to open. In the meantime, we will make the decision to cancel appointments on each Monday.

Q: Can I make an appointment for in the future?

A: Since we do not yet know when we will be able to reopen, we are unable to book any new appointments or reschedule cancelled ones. When we are able to reopen, all previously cancelled appointments will be prioritized. We plan to offer extended availability in order to accommodate as many guests as possible.

Q: My roots look terrible! What can I do?

A: Of course we wish we could see you in person and knock those roots out for you! But please, resist the urge to take things into your own hands (AKA box color.) Avoid a future corrective color sitting and use a temporary root concealer instead. We have different types in multiple colors.

Q: Can I still get my haircare and makeup products?

A: YES! We can do a no-contact delivery for any salon products you may need. Any of your favorite brands: Moroccanoil, Color Proof, Eufora, glo skin beauty as well as root concealers and other specialty items and products. This is a great way for you to maintain your quality salon regimen as well as support a local business. Simply email info@lustersalon.com with your order and we will contact you with when it will be delivered.