Redken recognizes Carmella as a Certified Colorist

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Carmella Hamre of Luster Salon recently excelled into an elite group of Redken Certified Haircolorists. Carmella passed the certification exam (written, practical and scenario) with a comprehensive understanding of haircolor principles, creative color, foil placement, color correction, and the consultation process, her clients are provided top notch service and guaranteed exceptional haircolor results.

“Haircolor has been my passion for my entire 15 years as a hairstylist.  Redken has the most intensive, challenging and comprehensive testing of any haircolor brand out there.   Having this exclusive certification not only allows my guests to know that they are receiving the most expert haircolor services, but that I am also there to lend my knowledge to my entire staff. “

There’s a certain level of acclaim associated with being a Redken Certified Haircolorist, members of this leading group are recognized for their color expertise and commitment to excellence. This accreditation is very important, its proof that Carmella Hamre of Luster Salon has the highest achievement possible in her industry.

“Consumers in Clarksville, now have access to a leading haircolorist at Luster Salon with the latest information on haircolor products, trends, and techniques,” explains Christine Schuster, Senior Vice President of Education for Redken. “When consumers book their color service with a Redken Certified Haircolorist, they can rest assured they will receive the highest quality results and service.”

Consumers also have the advantage of virtually “getting to know” a Redken Certified Haircolorist before they schedule an appointment!’s salon finder features Redken Certified Haircolorist profiles. You can also learn more about Carmella and her team at

Say Goodbye to Moroccanoil……….

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MO_body_emailWe know how much everyone loves the MoroccanOil line. Their hair care and body care are highly coveted. And with high quality ingredients like argan oil, shea butter, vitamin E and aloe vera, they deliver intense hydration with their signature MoroccanOil aromas.

Luster Salon has been, and will continue to be a MoroccanOil Loyalty Salon, offering ALL items in their haircare line. Unfortunately, we will no longer be carrying the MoroccanOil body line. The body line will still be available, but only online at and at exclusive spas. The decision to not have the body line in hair salons was made by MoroccanOil and we are truly sad to not be able to offer it to our loyal MoroccanOil clients.

We currently have all items available in the body line but we will not be able to restock from this point forward. Stop by to pick up your favorite Body line product, or pick out a new one to try. Give us a call and we will be happy to set aside the items you want.

(931) 542-1312

New Year New You with the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center of Hopkinsville

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Advanced Cosmetic FlyerWe are excited to be a part of this Open House.  Join us on Thursday February 6th as we demonstrate what Halo Couture and Dream Catchers Extensions can do for you.  We will have various lengths of Halos for you to try on as well as a full head model of Dream Catchers.  Get color matched and place your deposit and enjoy 20% off!

Did you know that up to 80% of women wear the wrong bra size?!  A representative from Belk will be doing professional bra fittings.  You may be surprised you have been wearing the wrong size bra.  And with Valentine’s Day coming up, what a better time to go shopping for new bras!

For those who use Obagi, don’t miss 20% off all Oabgi products.

We look forward to seeing you there!

What’s in a color name?

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As a colorist, I find the kitchen and recipe books extra inspiring.  There is so much baking and cooking going on and all those ingredients are also used to describe colors.  Many times when consulting with a guest, words like “caramel” and “toffee” are tossed around so often we can’t help but have our mouths water!

There are so many descriptions for hair colors and we all want yummy hair so why not make it look like something that would taste wonderful.  It also makes sense that no one has ever asked to have a color that looks like “oatmeal” or  “prune.”  But names for colors can be very subjective.  I may call something “buttery” but to another person, that color may be more “lemony.”  Someone may describe “cocoa” for their next new hair color but after looking at hair color photos, they actually are wanting a darker “espresso” brown.  So while delicious sounding color names can conjure up something gorgeous, make sure you and your stylist have the same idea in mind when you talk about “honey” highlights.


(Rest your cursor over the thumbnail pictures above and see if you have ever used these words when describing haircolor.)

Making a difference for a local pet shelter

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catsareus_bannerI love talking to my clients about their pets.  Through the joy of a new four-legged member of the family to the passing of a lifelong furry friend, we share our stories with each other.  All of us here at Luster Salon love our pets dearly and that is why we feel so strongly about donating this season to Cats are Us. 

Bring in a donation for Cats are Us and pick a Luster Salon Gift card off our Christmas tree.  Your Gift card could be worth $10, $20 or even $50!gift_card_tree


Largest area of need is in monetary donations to cover veterinary bills.  Other needs include:

  • Cat and kitten food, wet and dry
  • Cat litter
  • Large heavy duty trash bags
  • Bleach, paper towels
  • Towels, bedding, toys

As an all volunteer organization, Cats are Us houses and cares for up to 150 cats and kittens.  Additional cats are cared for in foster homes as well as an Adoption section inside the Clarksville Petsmart.  Caring for these felines while they wait to become adopted into their forever homes is no small task.  Daily volunteers feed, clean and play with all the cats.  Some cats need the care of a veterinarian or need temporary medications.  All these needs are taken care of because of donations from those that love animals, like yourself. 

Check out Cats are Us on Facebook or Click here to donate directly to them via PayPal

Luster Salon and Cats are Us THANK YOU for caring!


Holiday Hours + Shop Local this holiday

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We are pleased to announce we will be open this Friday and Saturday

Black_Friday_shopping_luster_salonTime is precious and we are here if you have a last minute need for a quick haircut, hair color touch up, facial waxing, sunless tanning session or in search of that perfect gift.  And don’t forget, the day after Black Friday is known as Small Business Saturday.  Support your local small businesses by shopping local this day!





Check out our 2013 Holiday Specials on Pinterest or Facebook. Are you a Gift Card giver?  Well, we have something you are going to love.  For every $50 Gift Card, you get something for yourself.  Choose from a Jack Black Hand Healer, glo-minerals lip gloss or an in-salon Moroccanoil hair treatment.


Halo does it again!

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Carmella is the owner and lead stylist/colorist at Luster Salon

Everyone knows how much I LOVE my Halo.  I wear it pretty much everyday and it easily adds so much volume (and length when I wear my 20″) to my fine, wimpy hair.  It’s so simple to put in each day and literally takes 1 second to take off.  How can you improve on perfection?  Well, Halo has done it with 2 new items.  The first is the Fall.  Many of my Halo clients have asked how to get extra hair on top, and this is IT.  I’ve been wearing a Fall, along with my Halo, and I can’t rave enough on the benefits.  I’ve gotten so many compliments on my hair and best thing is, no one knows it’s not all me they see!  Next, Halo has created what they call the Extender.  This is meant to wear with your existing Halo, giving you just a little more volume and length when you don’t want to wear 2 Halos at once.

Curious what a Halo can do for you?  Book your consultation to try one on for yourself!  I know you will LOVE it!!  ~Carmella



Where do hair color trends come?

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Where do trends come from anyway?

As a hairstylist, I often get asked, “What are the new trends?” I hear it more often when there is that seasonal change, like from Summer to Fall and Winter to Spring.  We all want to update our wardrobes so why not update our hair color?  So where do the trends come from anyway?  Who creates them?  Is there some kind of hairstylist in charge that decrees what the seasonal trend is and we just follow along?  Of course not!  Sometimes trends start with the major fashion shows in New York, Paris and Milan.  Editorial stylists create hairstyles to compliment the designer’s clothes and then maybe a version of that makes it’s way to Mainstreet, USA.  Other times, it’s celebrities that drive trends.  Whether its a reality TV or talk show host, these celebrities reach miilions of homes and influence us all.  But trends can also start right here, in Clarksville, with your own stylist.  Just recently, my staff and I attended a hair color conference in Nashville at the Opryland Hotel.  Hair colorists from all over North America came to see trends demonstrated by some of the most reputable and creative names in the industry:  Kim Vo, Beth Minardi, Angelo Seminara, Michael Ian Black.  These names may not ring a bell to you but to the studied hair stylist, they are huge!  Talented, creative and most importantly, educators.  This conference was not just a stage for us to see wild and freaky designs we would never be asked to recreate in the salon.  Instead, it’s focus was to inspire us so that we could inspire our clients.  Wearable, progressive, gorgeous color that the actual clients in our chair would want to wear.  These first few weeks of Fall so far have seen many of our clients make a change in their haircolor.  Tori, Haley, Veronika, Rachel and myself have all created a custom Autumn shades for our clients this season.

Whatever the trends are, we are committed to creating a custom look, just for you!

Carmella is owner and lead stylist/colorist

Carmella is owner of Luster Salon and lead stylist/colorist

4th of July Blog: Happy Birthday Vick

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Fourth of July always meant something different with my family. Sure, it involved a cookout or party where everyone showed up, there were red, white and blue decorations and attire, but even though we all knew it was our nation’s birthday we were celebrating something more personal. The 4th of July was my sister Vicky’s birthday.
As many of you know, I come from a big family. I am one of 8 children. My mom proudly drove around with a “Mom of 8” license plate. “Yeah, Italian Catholic,” I would say, as if that explained it all. But that 8 meant 6 boys and only 2 girls– I had only one sister, and she was 13 years older than me. By the time I was in middle school, or “junior high” as it was called back then, my sister was out of the house, on her own and a sought after hairdresser in Des Moines. So what does one do with a sister who is a hairdresser during the early 80’s? Well, they get them to try and recreate any and every nu-wave hairstyle that was popular at the time.
In 8th grade Vicky gave me my first mullet. From what I remember, the actual cut did not have a name but no one else had it and I thought I was totally cool. Come high school, I always tried to up the ante and have some kind of hairstyle that no one else had. I remember the asymmetric craze took hold, a la Cyndi Lauper, and Vicky took my grown out mullet to the next level. I was so proud, having the one side of my head closely shorn with Vicky’s artistic touch, a bleached out strip right above my ear. My mom was horrified. Who knows what reprimand Vicky got after that style. It probably didn’t help that she had also triple pierced my left ear. The wrath of my mom led to my cut being “evened out.” I spent God knows how many days in tears over it.
But the times and styles progressed. It was perm time in late 80’s and the salons back then did perms every day, all day long. Not only did I rock the perm, but I got frosted as well, that plastic cap tightly tied to my head and my now longish hair yanked through those tiny holes and turned blonde. From there, the early 90’s saw me in a very short and dark bob, a la Basia. Vicky saw me through all of these phases. Sure, I would carelessly put store-bought color on my hair. But she would do what she could to fix me and always found the time to make me feel like I had the most cutting-edge style out there.
I always thought my sister would be there for me. We were the only 2 girls; we had to stick together. Yeah, we looked nothing alike– people sometimes mistook her for my mom, but we had that sister bond. Maybe we were never able to share a bedroom or steal each other clothes, but we always had that connection. I was so excited to share the news with her when I made the decision to go to beauty school. I was in Hawaii at the time, and how I wished then she had been closer because I knew she could teach me so much more! She was already transitioning to her next career though. Being a mother of 4 and doing hair for over 20 years, she was ready to try her hand at the real estate world. I knew she would do great. Vicky was like our dad, she knew no stranger. She had the most jovial, positive personality and if her success at being a hairstylist was any indicator, she would definitely make her mark in the real estate world.
But it was not meant to be. In 2003 my sister was diagnosed with a brain tumor and died a year later. Much like with my dad’s passing almost 6 years earlier, I still think about the parts of my life that they were not here for, things I was not able to share with them, advice I was not able to get from them, pictures they would not be in, and, in losing my sister, birthdays when I would not be able to call and wish her “Happy Birthday!”


Carmella is the owner and lead stylist/colorist at Luster Salon

Carmella is the owner and lead stylist/colorist at Luster Salon

My sister Vick and I, circa 1983

My sister Vick and I, circa 1983