Want to change your hair color? What you need to know……

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hair color consultationAs a professional colorist, I perform consultations several times a week.  It’s important that I see the hair in person.  I need to see the color history as it lives on the hair, I need to feel the condition of the hair and I need to have an indepth, face to face conversation with the guest.  It’s only after an in person consultation can I advise what can be acheived, how long it will take and how much it will cost.

Almost 100% of these consultations have previous color on their hair.  Maybe they have been lured by that box of color at the grocery store only to find out it didn’t turn out like the model on the box.  Or maybe they visited a salon hoping for professional results.  It’s immaterial to me how the color got on their hair, it’s important that I know it’s there.  Why?  Because once your hair has been colored (and not “virgin” anymore), it reacts differently to being colored in the future.  Artificial haircolor simply does not “go away.”  Even if there is an attempt to cover it up.

Sometimes a guest may think their color is all natural because it has been several months since it was colored last.  Maybe the color they had wasn’t that far off from their natural color or intensity faded and they only see their “natural” color.  But the eyes can play tricks on you.  Just because you don’t see the color anymore doesn’t mean something isn’t there.  So don’t be afraid to be completely honest.  During your consultation, let me know what you’ve done to your hair for at least the past 2 years.  It will only ensure that we get beautiful results.

Some basic things to keep in mind when you want to change your hair color and it’s been colored in the past:

  • Show me multiple pictures of what you want to acheive.  Typically one photo does not convey an entire look.  Find several that show the idea of what you like.  Different angles are a plus as well.
  • If your hair has been colored dark or black, expect a lengthy visit or multiple visits taking multiple steps.  Dark pigments can be stubborn, especially if they have been applied more than once.  It takes professional formulating and precision application techniques to produce succesful results.
  • Be prepared to use professional hair care products.  There is a difference and I see it when my guests use my brand of choice, ColorProof. Only ColorProof has the newest ingredient technology for maximum color protection.

As always, consultations are complimentary.  My team and I take the time to analyze your hair, talk to you about your options and give you a professional opinion on what would look best.

Thanks for reading!  ~Carmella   


Use our convenient online booking tool to schedule your consultation or call us at 931-542-1312.


Triple Loyalty points this October

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pink_loyaltyIf it’s pink, you get Triple Loyalty Points!

Throughout the month of October, anything pink earns you Loyalty points 3 times as fast.   Items include the ColorProof Crazy Smooth line, gloMinerals lip and cheek colors, and ALL Pink Pewter Headbands (now 40% OFF!)

Also, show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness month by wearing a pink strand in your hair.  Choose from a single Dream Catchers extension for $9 or a Hot Heads splash of pink for $24.  Both options stay in your hair for up to 4 weeks.


In October all things turn PINK

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Show your support for Breast cancer awareness and research by going PINK!  Punch it up with a bright new pink lip color.  Turn heads with a strand (or two) or pink hair color.  Here at Luster Salon, we join the nationwide campaign to put an end to Breast cancer!

October Pink

glo Back to School

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back to schoolStart the school year out right. Make your reservation (August 3rd from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and August 4th from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.)  for a one on one makeup tutorial and learn which foundation is best for you, get color matched, learn which tools do the best job for your makeup routine, learn how to control oily skin and more!
$25 deposit reserves your 30 minute tutorial. This can be applied to any glo minerals​ purchase that day. Purchases over $100 will receive an additional 15% off!
Plus, receive TRIPLE Loyalty points on your glo purchases as well as bonus points for joining our event on Facebook, following and liking LoveLusterSalon on Instagram and using the hashtag #gloBackToSchool.
Call 931-542-1312 to reserve your spot!


Help us help Clarksville’s pets in need

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Luster Salon in Clarksville, Tennessee announces their CUTS FOR CATS AND PUPS fundraiser on Sunday June 14 from 12:00 to 4:00 p.m.
RaynaLuster Salon will be offering $25 wet cuts, $10 eyebrow waxing, $5 hand paraffin treatments and $10 VersaSpa sunless tanning to benefit Cats are Us and Montgomery County Friends of the Shelter. Every dollar raised at this event will be donated equally between these 2 rescue organizations.

RoxyCats are Us and Montgomery County Friends of the Shelter are both volunteer organizations that rely solely on donations. From taking in stray animals, rescuing from high kill shelters to providing much needed medical care and holding adoptions events throughout Clarksville, these 2 organizations work tirelessly to help the abandoned cats and dogs of Clarksville.

Both Cats are Us and MCFOTS will have animals available for adoption at this event. Dr. Baugher from Cats on Commerce will also be donating a free vet check up for any cat adopted at this event. Monetary donations will be accepted as well as much needed supplies like cat and dog food, cat litter, trash bags, cleaning supplies, etc. Those donating at this event will be entered to win one of several door prizes as well as the chance to win a grand prize worth over $200 in products and services at Luster Salon.

The abandoned and stray animal population is at an epidemic level in Clarksville and Montgomery County. The Montgomery County Humane Society euthanizes 77% of the animals it receives. This is twice the national average ( Luster Salon staff are animal lovers and are committing to this event in order to try and bring awareness to this epidemic and to help animals that are in need of adoption.


7 secrets to a successful hair appointment

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7 SECRETSAll of us here at Luster Salon have a few “secrets” to share

1. CLEAN HAIR Having color done? Getting extensions put in? Make sure your hair is clean. Styling products, hairspray, even just your natural scalp oils, they can get in the way. Our focus is over each and every formulation and we want to make sure we can see the results of that.

2. DIRTY HAIR Getting a formal style or updo? “Dirty” hair, otherwise known as next day hair, is ideal. The curls stay better and the texture of next day hair allows us to sculpt and shape to the exact style you want. Don’t worry, we won’t judge, we have dry shampoo to freshen things up.

3. WHAT’S YOUR INSPIRATION? You cannot have too many photos to share. They give us an idea of what you want, even if they are photos of what you DON’T want.

4. BUT…….Too many photos can pose a problem if the looks are all over the place. Wanting a change but you are showing us a photo of a platinum pixie and a bronde lob? Narrow down your search and make sure all the inspiration photos are in the same vein.

5. ARE YOU SURE? Big changes to your cut or color can be motivated by alot of things: life milestones, breakups, image changes, etc… We love change but we want to make sure you are going to love it too so it’s best to make a consultation first before contemplating a major change.

6. OOPS….. Hey, it happens. You get wooed by that box of hair color at the grocery store. Thing is, it didn’t turn out quite like the gorgeous model on the box.  It’s totally ok, we have ALL done it. We love to fix color but you have to be prepared for us to see you in person first. Sometimes an appropriate fix is as simple as a toning glaze to cover up those brassy roots. Other times it may require a lengthy appointment of color removal, lightening and treatments. Regardless of what you tell us over the phone, it’s crucial to the success of your correction that we see your hair in person first with a consultation.

7. WE LOVE YOU BUT…. Please show up on time. We know, traffic gets gnarly or you get stuck in a lengthy conversation. With any appointment, a specific amount of time is reserved just for you and we want to use every minute of it to give you exactly what you came for: detailed highlights, precision cut and all the other extras we are known for. Plus, we will have another client right after you and we want to respect their time as well.  I know, we run behind too but we love to make it up to you in the form of a complimentary conditioning treatment or extra bonus loyalty points.

Thanks for reading!  Did we miss something?  Want to share your secret?  Share with us on Facebook.

Consultations are always complimentary and don’t forget, Carmella is Clarksville’s ONLY Redken Certified Haircolorist!

Haircolor trend to try NOW!

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Ombré, Balayage, Ecaille……how am I supposed to pronounce all these things?

A new haircolor trend is making it’s way and it’s gorgeous. It’s called “Ecaille” and yes, it’s another word to figure out how to pronounce. This French word means “torishell” and as you can guess, the colors are like those in tortishell glasses or a torishell kitty. Think variying shades of brown: deep chocolate at the interior with caramel ribbons throughout plus face framing splashes of butterscotch. Yummy, without all the calories!

Like haircolor cousins Ombré and Balayage, Ecaille is a specialty hair color process. If you are already a deeper shade of brown, your colorist would need to lighten the necessary strands and then glaze to add mid-level of depth where needed then add a complimentary lighter golden tone on the ends. Since this trend is full of warm, sunny shades, it’s not for someone who desires very cool, ashy tones.

Want to try Ecaille at your next visit?  Be sure your hair colorist has the appropriate amount of time or CLICK HERE to book a consultation.

Jessica_Alba_ecailleEcaille sampleecaille modelMiranda-kerr-getty


Shop Local: only 6 more shopping days left

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For the fashionista, that friend who needs a makeover or for that man in your life, we’ve got something for everyone on your list.  Keep your last minute shopping simple by buying local.



Plus, 30% off remaining Moroccanoil Body!

TOP 5 Gift Ideas at Luster Salon

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OK, you’ve done cyber Monday and dealt with the traffic in Nashville so now is the time to SHOP LOCAL!  We have some special items to impress the most picky people on your list AND leave some extra $$ in your wallet.  Here’s our top 5 for this week:

GloMinerals Keepsake Collection Lip Tin features 4 full sized lip glosses in versatile sheer shades.  A $68 value, only $32.50

keepsake-collection-lip-gloss-tinMoroccanoil BODY line is 30% off!  Featuring luxurious items like Body Butter and Shimmering Body Oil, this is gift to impress.

MO_body_emailPacifica Candles $12.  These sumptuous soy candles are a generous 10 oz. size and are normally $22.  Perfect hostess or teacher gift!

10 oz. soy candles  $12

Huge Savings:  Jack Black or Zents “grab bags” valued up to $126, only $30-$50.


And……don’t forget a Gift Card in any denomination is sure to please!  As an added Bonus, $100 Gift Card purchasers receive 1,000 Bonus Loyalty Points!  That’s like having an extra $10 off at your next visit.  Easily purchase your gift card online by clicking the image below:


Gifts sets up to 68% off + Gift Card Bonus!

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There are limited quantities of these special gift sets and when they are gone, they are GONE!


“Grab Bag” sets valued from $77-$111: only $30-$50

Jack Black for men “grab bags” valued from $77-$111 for only $30-$50.


“Grab Bag” sets valued $79-$126: for only $30 and $40

Zents Body/Aroma product “grab bags” valued from $79 -$126 for only $30-$40.

10 oz. soy candles  $12

10 oz. soy candles $12, varied fragrances

Pacifica soy candles valued at $22 for only $12

!,000 Bonus Loyalty points with every $100 Gift card

1,000 Bonus Loyalty points with every $100 Gift card

Starting Black Friday, earn 1,000 Bonus Loyalty points for every $100 gift card purchased!  That translates into $10 to use at your next visit ($50 gift cards earn 500 points)