Top 5 questions about hair extensions

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We get inquiries almost every day about hair extensions.   Today there are so many options, colors, types and price points.  Let me outline the top 5 questions we get about hair extensions.

HaloCouture 16″ halo and Fall

  1.   What types of extensions do you have?  At Luster Salon, we have 3 different options for hair extensions:  HaloCouture, Hotheads and Dream Catchers.  Each brand utilizes the highest quality Remy Human hair.  But each brand has different lengths, colors and approach to attachment.
  2. How long do they last?   Attached extensions can be adjusted every 4-6 weeks which can lead to a life of 4-18 months.  Non attached extensions (HaloCouture) can last several years, depending on how they are taken care of.

    Petite fall custom colored and shaped into faux bangs

  3. Will extensions damage my hair?  Our stylists are trained to analyze the hair and scalp and recommend the best method for each individual.  Care and maintenance directives are clearly conveyed and it is up to each individual to follow their stylist’s instructions.
  4. Will extensions match my hair?  With all the options Luster Salon has for hair extensions, we are able to match any combination of color.  It is recommended that you have your hair color where you want it to be before choosing to proceed with any type of extensions.

    HaloCouture 16″ halo

  5. How much do they cost?  The most common question, of course!  Because we have so many options, we can customize for you based on your budget.  The two biggest factors in price are the quantity of extensions needed to create your look and the length of hair needed.  The range can be anywhere from $300 (a HaloCouture 12″ halo) to $1300 (Dream Catchers 20″ multi colored full head application.)  This is where a consultation is paramount!  They are always complimentary and any one of our stylists can assist you.  931-542-1312

glo•minerals Holiday 2016

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Every year glo•minerals sets out to impress with their Holiday collections.  This year will be no exception.  In fact, they have managed to create even more covetable sets.  Decadent, rich lip tones, enchanting day to night looks and the brand new Body Spa Collection.

These sets will be in limited quantities.  Pre-orders will be taken.  Don’t miss out!

Professional Solution for the Root Obsessed

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Luster Salon is proud to offer our regular color clients Redken’s ROOT FUSION. This is a professionally prescribed, single use color for you to use at home.  No more running to the drugstore to guess which shade is for you and no more stressing over grays peeking through until your next salon visit.  Ask your stylist about ROOT FUSION at your next appointment.

  • For use halfway between your regularly scheduled appointments.
  • Is professionally matched to your custom root color so no guessing on a non-professional box color.
  • No need to fuss with temporary sprays or powders.

VersaSpa sunless tanning Monthly Memberships now available!

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We are excited to now offer monthly memberships for sunless tanning in our VersaSpa automated system.  We are open 6 days a week so tan when it’s convenient for you.  We provide everything you need for that flawless, airbrushed tan only the VersaSpa can deliver:  private room, no need to undress in front of a stranger, protection for hair and feet are provided (disposable undergarments available upon request) plus our Versaspa is cleaned between each use.  There is no need to get your sunless tan anywhere but Luster Salon!.

A word about getting your hair lighter (or “blonder”).

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It’s that time of the year again.  Lately, we have alot of guests wanting their hair lighter.  Popular inspiration photos shown during consultations are ones with very light and pale blonde tones. Inspiration

But because a huge majority of people have existing artificial color on their hair, achieving these very light tones are difficult, especially in one sitting.
Let me give some basic examples of what can be achieved in one appointment.  Hair color is measured on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being black and 10 being the palest blonde.  IF your hair has ever been colored in the past (with long hair, anything done to your hair within the past 3-5 years can effect things) you can expect to safely get your hair approximately 3 shades lighter.  We also highly recommend adding an Olaplex enhancement to your color service to help protect fragile ring

If neutral results are desired, a gloss or “toner” would need to be applied in order to refine the lightness that was just created.  This means a level of sheer color is applied and actually will erase just a smidge of that lightness.  I know, this sounds like complete gobbledegook.  Check out the photo showing the hair color swatches.  Find your color and move 3 shades up.  That is a realistic expectation for one lightening sitting.
Of course, if your hair has never been colored or if any previous color has actually been cut off, you have what is known as “virgin” hair.  No need to blush, virgin hair allows your colorist more leeway to achieve what you want.  Most of the time, you can expect to safely get your hair up to 4-5 shades lighter.
There are all sorts of exceptions to these guidelines.  How many layers of artificial color have been applied?  The texture and condition of your hair also play a part.  If your hair has been colored red or copper, these shades pose additional challenges.  Because there are so many exceptions and scenarios, we always recommend booking a complimentary consultation so we can see you in person.  Some questions you need to be prepared to answer are:
What is the color history of your hair for the past 5 years?
What amount/quantity of lightness are you wanting to see?  (Do you want to be a solid blond?)
Are you prepared to make multiple visits to lighten your hair to the desired shade?
Have at least 3 inspiration photos to share with your stylist to help convey what you have in mind.
As a Redken Certified Hair Colorist, you can trust that myself and my staff will give you all your options, explain what can safely be achieved and be clear on pricing.

Luster Salon Owner and Redken Certified Hair Colorist

Luster Salon Owner and Redken Certified Hair Colorist

Have questions?  Give us a call at 931-542-1312 or email to

Book your formal style online, get a FREE sunless tan

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prom formal versaspa sunless tan clarksvilleTime to get glam for your next formal event.  Book your formal hairstyle appointment online and get a FREE VersaSpa full body bronze ($25 value.)  Online booking is quick, easy and secure!  Just CLICK HERE and look for the “Formal Style with Free Sunless Tan” when booking your appointment.


APSU Candlelight Ball



Military Formals

any function where you need to look your best!

*Formal style must be booked online to receive free sunless tan.  No cash value.  Your sunless tan will look best if it is done the day before your event.  Free tan valid until the day of your style appointment.


Permanent vs. semi-permanent haircolor

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AmberWe hear this request a lot in the salon: “I want you to use permanent color so it lasts longer.”  It’s completely understandable, you are investing in a brand new shade and you want to make sure it lasts as long as possible.  We do too!  But there are reasons why permanent may not be the best choice, here’s why:

Permanent hair color contains ammonia or an ammonia substitute and is much harsher on your hair.  There is no reason to inflict extra damage on your hair using permanent hair color.  We already do that with daily washing, heat styling and exposure to the elements.  There are reasons to use permanent though…..

Permanent hair color is a must if you need to cover gray or want to be lighter than your natural color.  Those pesky grays……it doesn’t matter if you want to erase the 3 that you have or you are 100% gray, you will need the strength of permanent to beat those stubborn grays into submission.  Or maybe you are dreaming of the light golden blond of your youth?  Yep, permanent will be the way to go.  You need that power to help remove your natural pigment and to help drive a beautiful toning shade into the hair.

BEWARE….using permanent hair color over and over can keep you from having a different color on down the road.  It can happen at the hands of an inexperienced stylist or at home, coloring your entire head over and over with permanent hair color only leads to a corrective color.  Sometimes we have to lighten out the unwanted pigment in order to make room for the desired color.  With the help of Olaplex, we can safely lighten hair and even get a gorgeous balayage to shine through.

Bottom line:  ALL hair color fades.  There are many factors that will affect how long your hair color lasts.  The condition of your hair is where longevity starts but we always recommend using cool water to wash and rinse your hair, using high quality sulfate free hair products like ColorProof and turning the dial down on the flat iron.

Luster Salon colorists make choices that will leave your hair in the best possible condition.  We always recommend a consultation in person so that we can see the condition and color of your hair and make the necessary recommendations.  Ready to experience our professional hair color expertise?  Give us a call:  931-542-1312